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Our Story

The Blockchain Forum ry was established in March 2017 by three of the most prominent players in the Finnish technology ecosystem: Tomi Dahlberg, Markus Lehtonen and Teemu Rissanen. 

In this initial phase, emphasis was given in providing the information needed for companies and institutions to start to explore blockchain.

The 2018 and 2019 editions of the Blockchain Summit Helsinki were held.

At the end of 2019, the Forum began a new phase, becoming more community-based, open and international
The official working language changed from Finnish to English. This change made the local ecosystem more diverse and inclusive, with the Forum’s content and events reaching a wider audience.

In 2020, the Blockchain Summit Helsinki was held online for the very first time. An active Telegram group was also created to establish a more digital community.

Starting from 2021, in addition to its original tasks, the Blockchain Forum will tackle yet another key project. 
In partnership with the City of Helsinki, it will be responsible for the creation of the Helsinki Blockchain Center, which will serve as a hub for the development of Distributed Ledger Technologies in Finland. 
With the Center, the country will be able to show all of its strength and knowledge in this technology essential for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 


Working Groups

The Blockchain Forum has five Thematic Working Groups, which are focused on particular aspects, implications and technologies.

Would you like to join one of the existing Working Groups, or perhaps even start and lead a new one? Then contact us at info@blockchainforum.com or send us a message on our Telegram group!

Business Applications

How can blockchain be used in different fields? What are the main cases and industries that could benefit from this technology? This group explores the concrete realities of blockchain for businesses.

Group Leader: 
Kari Syrja


Ethereum is one of the most important public and open-source blockchains. Smart contracts, decentralized applications, and much more, are the focus of this technical group.

Group Leader: 
Mikko  Valjakka


Hyperledger is an umbrella term for various open-source blockchains and tools, including Findy, the Finnish Indy network. In this group, you will find discussions related to identity, privacy and logistics. 

Group Leaders:
Tomi Dahlberg
Anoop Vijayan Anbarasan Mani


As a technology with the potential to change many structures in society, the legal implications of blockchain must be investigated. These questions are at the core of this group.

Group Leader: 
Jamile (Jay) Hamideh

Research, Education and Standards

No technological development can happen without research, education, and the agreeing of standards. In this group, the discussion of these matters takes place.
Group Leader: 
Tomi Dahlberg

Blockchain Forum Finland
Board Members 2021-2022

Jay Hamideh - Blockchainforum Finland
Jamile (Jay) Hamideh

Chairman of the Board

Juhani Strömberg-Blockchain Forum Finland
Juhani Strömberg

Vice Chairman of the Board

Mikko Valjakka-Blockchain Forum Finland
Mikko Valjakka

Secretary of the Board

Markus Lehtonen - Blockchain Forum Finland
Markus Lehtonen


Tomi Dahlberg-Blockchain Forum Finland
Tomi Dahlberg

Member of the Board

Jussi Simolin-Blockchain Forum Finland
Jussi Simolin

Member of the Board

Blockchain Forum ry - Lari Iso-Anttila
Lari Iso-Anttila

Deputy Member/

Anita Kalergis

Deputy Member/ Ambassador

Pertti Reponen
Pertti Reponen

Deputy Member/

Teemu Rissanen - Blockchain Forum Finland
Teemu Rissanen

Deputy Member