Welcome to the
Blockchain Forum

What We Do

The Blockchain Forum is working to develop Finland into an internationally recognized expert country in the field of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology.


As Blockchain and DLT are still relatively new, we create opportunities for our community to understand their applicability and unlock the full potential of a distributed future.


Besides the renowned Blockchain Summit Helsinki, we also organize smaller meetups for our community. In these events, knowledge can be shared and new connections can be created


We bring together companies, individuals, government agencies, universities and third sectors organizations – all of which have a key role to play in our ecosystem.

Our Goals

Create an ecosystem that fosters innovation and collaboration in the field of blockchain in Finland.

Produce content, host events, and create partnerships that stimulate the development of Distributed Ledger Technology in Finland, leading to a more advanced startup and business community.

Establish Finland as a global center for the development of technologies essential for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Why Finland

Finland has unique characteristics that make it the perfect place for technology to be developed. Innovation with Finnish DNA makes for a people-centered approach that contributes to a better future for all.


In 2020, Finland was ranked the happiest nation in the world for the third year in a row. With the combination of green forests, sauna, coffee and a peaceful life, there’s no better place to be.


Our small nation is one of the most digitally advanced in the world, and many Finnish inventions have contributed to the history of technology, such as the first web browser, the Linux operating system and Nokia phones.


In Finland, you will find a truly global mindset. People are open to and enthusiastic about new opportunities, no matter where they are or where they come from. Language is also not a barrier, as most Finns speak perfect English.